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Poetic licence - a fantastic poem by one of our Year 8 students.

The Rose

The Rose captures you with her thorns.

She wants you to listen as you push and heave, she clearly doesn’t want you to leave.


The Rose stops everyone with her beauty.

You always have to stop and stare, the other flowers are jealous as they give her an evil glare.


The Rose bows down to the passers-by.

So loyal and polite.

 She will come back to bow tonight.


The Rose dances in a field.

She beckons a bird to join her,

The bird flies away, soon he was a blur.



The Rose begged to be picked.

All the flowers wants to be picked, but the Rose hypnotises the child with her prettiness, the girl is going to pick her.

The rose is taking over.



The Rose jumped up and down.

Singing at the top of her voice.

The plants follow her because they don’t have a choice.



The Rose walked towards the path.

Petals falling. Something appears, a tear.

She gets to the path and starts to fall down; her life cycle will start again next year.


  • By Iris – Year 8