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Oak classes are located in the main school building, catering for students with Autism, speech language communication needs, moderate and specific learning difficulties, anxiety, social and emotional needs and physical and medical needs.


Class sizes usually range between 8 and 13 students, led by a tutor for pastoral support and access a range of subjects specialist teaching for students following Routes 3 and 4 curriculum pathways. A small number of Oak classes follow our Route 2 curriculum offering more teaching from their tutor, reduced transitions throughout the school and tailored learning with an emphasis on key skills across the subject areas and thematic topics that supports students to make links and connections in their learning and work collaboratively.


Following baseline assessment, students start on the most appropriate pathway when they join Oak Lodge School. Some students may access more than one curriculum route depending on their needs and abilities. Accelerated progress will also give students the opportunity to access the next curriculum route to provide appropriate stretch and challenge as they secure their knowledge, skills, understanding and develop their confidence.  As students progress personally, socially and academically they are encouraged to increase their levels of independence to become more organised with increased self-confidence. Students gradually move towards subject specialist  learning in dedicated rooms offering a range of facilities and resources e.g. science laboratory. An emphasis on preparation for adult and learning skills for life is promoted throughout each and every students’ exciting journey at Oak Lodge School.