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In Maths we will continue with area and perimeter.  I will add work to this section Daily.  I will see you on teams on Thursday to see how you are getting on.

This week as part of our investigation into Shakespeare's Heroes and Villains, we are looking at Macbeth. 

Please read Act 1 Scene 1 and look at the character descriptions before our live lesson on Wednesday at 10:00am. 

ICT - complete before next week's live lesson

From this work

Send me your poster or fact sheet on the solar system and comments on if we could live there

If we cant , why not ?

From this work

Please send me your labelled diagrams of Night and day and the seasons


week 2:

Watch the following youtube clip on festivals and celebrations:

Now choose one of these festivals to find out more about and write the answers on the work sheet


Creative: Mr Brown and I were going to start a project in creative on Mosaics.  

Read through the powerpoint and see where Mosaics come from and how they were made.

I will add a task each week for you to have a go at.

week 1 - powerpoint and patterns

week 2- using the mosaic sheets - design a mosaic of your initials

Good Luck 

Mrs Young