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Oakmore 2

Watch the following video to explore how to structure a short story:

English Explorations in Creative Reading and Writing Y9: Write a monologue based on the poem 'Automat.' What might the character be thinking/feeling?

From this work

Identify two or motions or movements of objects

Draw the object and label ALL the forces acting with the correct terms if you know them#

Send to me

From this work

Identify examples of Push, pul and twis in the home

Sketch and label on one sheet, note the direction of forcee and the direction of movement

Send it into me


Creative: Mr Brown and I were going to start a project in creative on Mosaics.  

Read through the powerpoint and see where Mosaics come from and how they were made.

I will add a task each week for you to have a go at.

week 1- powerpoint and mosaic sheet

week 2 - design your own picture on the mosaic sheet- use a variety of colours.

Maths - Area and Perimeter Wk Beg 11.01.21