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This half term the aim is for all GCSE students to prepare a Spoken Language presentation on a topic of your choice which can then be assessed once we are back in school. As I have explained in class, you do not get awarded a grade for this but you cannot achieve a GCSE without it. There are three grades: Pass, Merit, Distinction and you need a minimum of a 'Pass' to certify for GCSE. Don't worry about how you will present it- we can do this informally either 1:1, in small groups or in front of the class if you prefer. If we are still remote learning next half term, we can do them on Zoom or you can record them at home and submit them to me. 

Go through the power-point slides in the resources, choose a topic you love, decide on a question about your subject which you can answer and then create a power-point to 'show what you know.' 

A copy of the grade sheet for GCSE is included with the resources which shows what you need to do to achieve each level. Any questions please ask via school email or epraise. 


MATHS - Week commencing 11th January 2021

Hi Oakmore 4.  You will find your Maths work for the week here.  Choose the work for your group - Mrs Diadamo (LD) or Mr Shuttleworth (PS).  We are planning some live sessions when you can check in and ask any questions.  Details to follow.   

The exam style questions are all from foundation paper

Attempt as many as you can

Send clearly marke ( the question numbers ) to me for marking

The questions are from foundation papers

Attempt as many as possible

Send to me for marking

Choose your level of challenge from 1, 2 or 3

Ethics - Historical decisions - right or wrong