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Pupil Parliament


To give pupils their own voice within the school a Pupil Parliament is formed each academic year.  Members are chosen as a result of elections each term, giving pupils opportunities to practise democratic processes that relate to adult life.

There are two positions for each tutor group – Lead and Deputy – from those who put themselves forward as nominees.

The Pupil Parliament meets with a designated teacher twice per half term to discuss ideas to improve the school experience to meet their needs.  Pupils practice their speaking, listening and diplomacy skills in each session.

There are opportunities to develop a far wider range of skills when planning and leading activities/events, which can range from community work (e.g. developing community gardens) to fundraising (e.g. summer fete).

There truly is a sense of pride among pupils contributing to their community and becoming a voice for their peers.  All pupils are keen to attend meetings, presenting their own agenda items following discussions in their tutor groups.