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What kind of Special Education needs does Oak Lodge School make provision for?

Oak Lodge School currently makes provision for moderate learning difficulties, speech, language and communication needs, autism and specific learning difficulties. Oak Lodge has also adapted the provision and curriculum offered to accommodate a number of pupils with more complex learning needs including severe learning difficulties and/or physical disabilities. As part of our provision we are able to offer:


The Oakmore Centre is a centre within Oak Lodge School for pupils across Years 7-11, with an Autistic Spectrum Condition. The Oakmore Centre works in partnership with Applemore College, a mainstream secondary school. Pupils placed in Oakmore have individualised timetables, however all are expected to be able to access specialist teaching in their appropriate year group for core subjects either in Applemore College in discreet groups taught by Applemore staff, in Oak Lodge or a combination of these.


Pupils are of average or above average cognitive ability, working at age related expectations but identified as being at risk of failing to achieve their social, developmental or academic potential due to extreme anxiety or fragile mental health. Oakmore provides a safe secure, holistic and nurturing environment with a higher level of pastoral, emotional support and social skills support.


The staff team work closely with families, ensuring that they are fully involved in the process of supporting pupils as they continue their education.


Pupils placed in Oakmore are well-motivated, especially in areas of interest, largely independent in their learning and realistically capable of achieving a number of GCSEs with additional support to help manage their anxiety and /or mental health.


The Apple Lodge Centre is a unique partnership between Oak Lodge School, Applemore College, and MindSenseAbility offering a highly specialised provision for young people with high functioning autistic spectrum conditions needing a therapeutic provision and personalised GCSE curriculum. It is based in Applemore College.


Pupils in Apple Lodge have personalised plans and regular pupil-centered reviews involving all stakeholders. They have access to GCSE’s in Applemore College with their mainstream peers and individualised support programmes are in place. Pupils work towards greater independence over time.