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What provision is made to support my child's emotional and social development?

Pupils are educated in small teaching groups, (6-14 pupils depending on complexity of need as indicated on their EHCP), matched according to ability and social emotional development and allocated a Class Tutor and usually 1 Teaching Assistant who get to know the individual needs of each of their tutees very well and who are the first point of contact.


Each tutor group elects a student parliament representative to attend regular student parliament meetings, allowing pupils to have their say about how the school is run and what improvements they would like to see. Pupils are encouraged to share their worries, concerns or offer their views, opinions or suggestions on how to improve their learning experience at an appropriate time with their Teaching Assistant or Tutor, Headteacher or any member of the Senior Leadership Team. There is also a confidential worry/ concern/ suggestion box in Kieron Hudson’s office (Deputy Headteacher Care, Guidance and Support) which is checked on a regular basis.


Oak Lodge School also receives support from Hampshire SEND Speech and Language Therapy for pupils who have additional speech and language needs indicated on their EHCP. SMILE Therapy, Lego Therapy, using a narrative approach and vocabulary development groups are currently offered where appropriate to support social communication of pupils with more complex communication needs.