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Tips to help your child

Maths -useful activities to be practiced at home, focus on time and money:


  • practical activities such as writing shopping list,
  • reading bus timetables,
  • adding up bills etc.
  • using takeaway menus to calculate the cost of their favourite meal


English-useful activities to be practiced at home:


  • Read a range of text, both fiction and non-fiction, on a regular basis and, where possible, discuss character, theme, plot development, the issues raised, etc.


Art-useful activities to be practiced at home:


  • Useful websites : BBC Bitesize Art KS3, BBC Bitesize Art KS4, Student Art Guide, Art Attack KS2.
  • Discussion and support with homework.
  • Encouraging drawing activities at home.


PSHE-useful activities to be practiced at home:


  • Making a healthy meal by following a recipe.
  • Personal budgeting – choosing the best mobile phone contract
  • Planning a trip out using public transport
  • Writing a shopping list and visit the supermarket to buy the items using a self-service checkout


  • Useful websites: