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Oakhaven Community Project

At Oak Lodge School, we are pleased to offer our students the opportunity to get involved with community projects. This will allow students to find out how different people, groups and organisations contribute to society. They will complete case studies of the variety of services available within the community, to help provide them with a better understanding of the integral role everyone plays in creating an inclusive society that caters for all.


As part of our extended curriculum, students will learn about the different people who live in and around our area, understanding the breadth of religious, cultural and ethnic diversity which exists within our community. They will have the opportunity to talk to people from all different backgrounds on what is available, e.g. different places of worship, and understand the positive impact of religion, cultural and ethnic diversity; illustrating the different influences of people from different backgrounds and what they bring to the community.


This project is a wonderful way for our students to get involved and experience community work in different areas. They will have the chance to volunteer in a range of different locations which will provide a greater understanding and appreciation of all the hard work that thousands of people do across our community every day. This will include working at day centres for the elderly and meeting cancer patients at the Hospice Trust.


Students may also have the opportunity to complete an art project in collaboration with patients at the Oakhaven Hospice Trust Centre based in Lymington. They will have a tour of the facilities and have access to patients to talk about and understand their illness and how the Hospice Trust helps them cope and manage their diagnoses to continue living their lives to the full.


To find out more about Oakhaven please click here.


Badgers Holt Care Home

Badgers Holt Care Home has be rated as ‘outstanding’ by the Care Quality Commission.  They have kindly opened their doors to our students to gain experience and to further develop their social, emotional and cultural skills through conversation with the residents. They will also have the opportunity to help with a range of tasks including:


  • Gardening and maintenance
  • Cleaning
  • Food and drink serving
  • Entertaining/customer service


The management team and residents of Badgers Holt are always complimentary and supportive of our pupils.

To find out more about Badgers Holt please click here.


The Horrill Centre

The Horrill Centre provides respite day care for elderly people in care and is run largely by a group of devoted volunteers.

Classes of students will have the opportunity to regularly attend as volunteers which is linked to the School’s Community Project Curriculum. Students will engage in social activities with the patrons to extend their knowledge of the adult care system in action.


The aim of these sessions is to open up additional community links with members of society that our young people may not have regular contact with, to expanding their existing social skill sets and potential future career pathways.