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Specialist Arts


Our Vision:


“The arts are a powerful tool to explore the world in which we live and a catalyst for self-development and

self-expression. Our vision is for all our pupils to thrive and enjoy a rich and diverse experience that inspires and allows them the confidence to pursue their own ideas, build friendships and develop key skills which are fundamental for adult life.


Creative Arts at Oak Lodge School


We are committed to fully utilise our specialist status in the arts as a medium for developing pupils’ communication, social and independence skills, building both their self-confidence and self-esteem. This provides a fantastic opportunity for pupils to further develop their cultural, spiritual and moral awareness, with a curriculum that provides and ensures inclusion for all across the whole school.


Pupils have a wide range of qualifications at their fingertips at KS4, allowing a bespoke learning journey. They can explore Music, Drama and Art through our Bronze, Silver and Gold Arts Award pathways, attain an Entry Level in Creative and Performance Arts and GCSE’s in Fine Art and Textile Design.


Enrichment Opportunities


There are numerous opportunities for pupils to continue their love for the arts outside of the classroom.  From drop in art catch-up and photography club, to dance and choir sessions, pupils feel a sense of belonging and enjoyment within these supportive environments.


The arts team regularly celebrate sharing pupils incredible work, through public performances and showcasing their art work around the school. The Year 11 Summer Art Exhibition always takes our breath away and such a special occasion before moving onto college.


Our Annual Arts week is the highlight of our school calendar.  In just one week, staff and pupils create a dynamic piece of work which is shared to a live audience. There are specific workshops in costume design and prop making, music, acting and dance providing an exciting, fully inclusive experience. After a truly successful trip to see the Lion King at the Mayflower in October, the arts team are excited to explore themes from the show as well as elements from African culture for this year’s inspiration.  We look forward to sharing our work, in a few weeks' time.


Artsmark Award


We are thrilled to announce that we are in the process of re-applying for Artsmark this year. After working towards our Gold Award two years ago, we feel excited to embark on our new journey, developing the ‘Quality Principles’ in all areas of the curriculum.

Our previous feedback from the Arts Council celebrated our 'clear commitment to providing rich arts and cultural opportunities' and recognised our 'impact on pupil progress, attendance rates and positive attitudes to learning.'  It also praised our newly formed Arts Ambassador and Arts Council roles, work in the community and raising the profile of dance across the school.  

The school would like to thank all the staff and pupils for their enthusiasm and support throughout our Artsmark journey and look forward to updating you on our new accreditation soon.