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Specialist Arts


We are committed to fully utilise our specialist status in the arts as a medium for developing pupils’communication, social and independence skills, building both their self-confidence and self-esteem. This provides a fantastic opportunity for pupils to further develop their cultural, spiritual and moral awareness, with a curriculum that provides and ensures inclusion for all across the whole school.


The arts permeates the whole school enabling all pupils to have wonderful opportunities and experiences that underpin all curriculum areas:


  • Techniques that are often seen in the drama studio are employed across the school to aid learning and broaden understanding. Pupils are encouraged to use role play, hot-seating and tableau picture to expand and reinforce classroom-based learning.
  • Art is often used as a way of reflection and a means of interpretation for difficult topics. Having, using and creating visual stimuli is extremely beneficial for pupils who have language difficulties, as art allows them to express themselves freely without word.
  • Sound and music are used as very powerful  tools across the curriculum. They enhance pupil receptiveness, and can provoke discussions and promote emotions in difficult subject areas.